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The hotel that puts you in first place

Grand Hotel Primus is the place for those who want to revitalize, improve their health and generally feel better. Re-establish your inner balance by enjoying healthy food, taking active relaxations and indulging in their wellness offer.

The hotel offers fully adapted and accessible accommodation.

Accessible parking There are several marked disabled parking spots next to the hotel and water park. Sidewalk leading to the reception is fully accessible.
Accessible entrance The hotel’s entrance is fully accessible. The swimming pool area is adapted with a sufficiently wide passage. Both the inner (the spa) and the outer part (the swimming pool) of the facility are fully accessible. The outdoor pool complex is adapted with ramps.
Accessible rooms The hotel has large enough disabled rooms.
Accessible bathroom The apartment’s bathroom is large enough and has a corner bath. There might be an issue with using the toilet as it is obstructed by bathroom door. Alternatively, you can use fully adapted and accessible general disabled toilet in the hallway. There are also two adapted toilets in the indoor pool area, where you’ll also find adapted shower for the disabled. There are no disabled toilets in the outdoor pool area.
Accessible café or restaurant The hotel restaurant is accessible and flexible, and the outdoor terrace is wide enough. There is also a small accessible café in the spa.
Accessible entrance to the pool Unfortunately, they do not have special equipment to enter the pool water, but you can count on lifeguards’ help. A ramp leads to one of the outdoor pools, so you can access it yourself. With regards to other outdoor pools, you’ll need assistance from the lifeguards.
Additional accessible offer The outside barrel saunas are not perfectly accessible for wheelchair users and are not adapted to persons with severe disabilities. Indoor sauna is easily accessible to all wheelchair users. There is also a fully accessible gym next to the swimming pool.


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