Gostilna Zelenci - Brez ovir


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Gostilna Zelenci

Pleasant and fully accessible inn.

The Zelenci Inn is located right next to the Zelenci Nature Reserve. It is a perfect stopover on your excursion through the surrounding Gorenjska region. The inn is very spacious and wheelchair-accessible. They offer a wide assortment of refreshments, such as coffee and other drinks, snacks, lunch and dinner as well as local and seasonal delicacies. Those who want to take a break from the trip can relax on their terrace, while those in the hurry can order take-away food and beer. The food portions are large, and the staff is friendly and helpful, so we definitely recommend a visit.

Accessible parking The parking lot in front of the inn is well-maintained. It has two marked disabled parking spaces located right next to the inn’s entrance and terrace.
Accessible entrance The entrance is adapted with a short and properly designed ramp. All other passages are level, and there is only a very small doorstep on the entrance to the outside part of the inn. The ramp on the parking lot also leads to the outdoor terrace.
Accessible café or restaurant All parts of the inn are accessible, both indoor and the terrace. There is enough room and the equipment is adaptable.
Accessible toilet Adapted toilets are being built, and will include adapted toilet, handrails, underpass sink and adapted faucet.
Additional accessible offer The restaurant offers takeaway service.
Accessible paths The inn is located next to the trail that leads to the Zelenci Nature Reserve. The path is not independently accessible and is only recommended if you are adequately equipped and with the help an assistant. It is mostly made of macadam with occasional deep sand areas, but other obstacles – such as slopes, tree roots, larger stones, etc. – can be even more challenging to overcome. The path is even less accessible just before the lake, but if you manage to get there (only with the help of an assistant!), you will be rewarded with a great view of the lake. The path then leads to a small wooden bridge that stands above the marsh. Using the bridge is not recommended as it is too narrow and without fences.


The emerald green source of the Sava Dolinka.

The Zelenci Inn is the starting point for exploring the Zelenci Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, it is not accessible to wheelchair users, as there is a path full of ground obstacles leading to it. There is an information board with basic information about the reserve and photographs at the start of the slope leading up to it.

You can see the Zelenci Nature Reserve in the video below.

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