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Why choose us?

We are recognised as a professional and quality provider of personal assistance for people with disabilities. In addition to providing personal assistance, we also offer professional equipment and tactile markings – as well as consultancy, organisation and a wide range of accessible tourism and other services for people with disabilities which enables them to be as integrated into society as possible.

Personal assistance

Personal assistance is designed to help people with disabilities. It enables independent living and active integration into society.


An overview of current training courses and a registration form for users and personal assistants.

application form

Opportunity for a job

Applications for work at the Brez Ovir Institute and the possibility to apply for new users.

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Popular trips

Here’s a selection of the most popular trips we currently offer, designed to escape from everyday routines.

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From the world exhibition to the gates of Prekmurje. On a once degraded, now beautifully renovated location at the entrance of the city of Murska Sobota, on the pleasant surroundings […]

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Ormož Castle


A rare castle with an elevator. The Ormož Castle is located on the south-eastern part of the Bronze Age settlement protected by earth embankment and a defensive ditch. The ditch […]

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Expo Cave Karst

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World’s Largest Exhibition About Karst and Postojna Cave A rich interactive exhibition is held next to the Postojna Cave. Named Expo Cave Karst, it will guide you through extraordinary events […]

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Excursions and offers for more active individuals.

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Check the price list and the daily equipment rental offer.

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Tactile signs

Tactile signs help blind and visually impaired people to move around safely and independently.

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Personal assistance

Accessible tourism


Tactile signs

Who is entitled to personal assistance?

A user who meets the following conditions:

– needs assistance with activities related to independent personal and family life, integration into the environment, education and employment;

– is a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia or a foreigner with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia;

– is between 18 and 65 years of age; – lives or wishes to live in an independent or shared household outside full-day institutional care;

– needs assistance for at least 40 hours a week.

More information:

How do you get the right to receive personal assistance (The personal assistance entitlement ORDER)?

First, you fill in an application form and submit it to your Department of Social Services.

On the basis of your application, the centre appoints a two-member committee to make an expert opinion at your home, which is the basis for the decision on your entitlement to personal assistance. The Disability Protection Coordinator at the Department of Social Services will issue you with a decision on your entitlement to personal assistance, which will state the number of hours and the types of assistance you are entitled to. Once you have received the decision, you choose an institution or association (known as a ‘personal assistance provider’) through which you can arrange for personal assistance to be provided. Together with the provider, you find a suitable personal assistant and work out a plan to cooperate together.

I got entitled to 100 hours of personal assistance a week. What does that mean?

100 hours of personal assistance means you are entitled to 100 hours of help from a personal assistant from Monday to Sunday. You can have two full-time personal assistants (40 hours per week) working with you and one part-time assistant (20 hours per week). Depending on your preferences and needs, the personal assistance coordinator at the chosen provider will prepare a working schedule for your personal assistants.

How am I assigned a personal assistant?

At the Brez Ovir Institute, depending on current needs, we publish a vacancy for a personal assistant, we conduct first interviews with the candidates and refer the selected ones for a second interview with the personal assistance user. Personal assistance user then chooses the most compatible person.

What if I’m not happy with my personal assistant?

If, over time, it becomes clear that the user and the personal assistant no longer wish to work together for any reason, we help you find another person. During the personal assistant’s sick leave or vacation, we organise a replacement.

Is there a charge for personal assistance?

Personal assistance is financed by the state budget, but the user has a legal obligation to to co-finance the personal assistance at the rate of half of the amount of the cash benefit received as a result of the need for foreign care and assistance.

What documents do I need to submit to my chosen Personal Assistance Provider?

The documents that the user submits to the personal assistance provider are:

– The personal assistance entitlement order
– personal assistance form

Who makes the work programme plan?

It is made by the personal assistance provider together with the user. It is a document that defines how the assistance is to be implemented in the user’s home. It must be submitted by the provider to the competent Department of Social Services. The user signs a cooperation agreement with the provider, which defines the rights and obligations of both parties. The user signs an annex to the agreement with the chosen personal assistant.

I also need training to get personal assistance. How much does it cost?

The user completes the Introductory Training on Personal Assistance, which is required by the Personal Assistance Act. The basic content of the training covers the meaning of personal assistance, the legal basis, communication between participants and the code of ethics. It is provided free of charge by the provider.

Can you organise the whole holiday for me?

That’s right, at the Brez ovir Institute we can arrange your holiday with prior consultation regarding your wishes and needs.

Does submitting an enquiry guarantee me an actual booking?

No, submitting an enquiry does not guarantee a booking. Submitting an enquiry via the form on our website guarantees that we will check whether this offer is available. If it is available, we will contact you immediately and offer you suitable proposals with as similar content as possible. A booking is made when Brez ovir sends you an offer and you confirm it.

Do I need my own transport to the location?

Transport can be organised by prior arrangement through the No Barriers Institute, or you can organise your own transport in your own vehicle. Information on parking availability is always included with each offer: , And often the offer can also be accessed by adapted forms of public transport.

Do all listed offers have adapted toilets?

Most of the offers published on our website include adapted and/or accessible bathrooms, but there are some exceptions. Immediately at the beginning of each offer you will notice a pictogram at the top   –  Adapted toilets or  –  Accessible bathroom that will let you know if it is part of a specific offer. In the middle of the page, you will find a table of information that tells you exactly whether the toilets are adapted, where exactly they are located and how they are adapted. Usually, these are also visible in the picture and/or video attachments published on each page.

What do you offer in case I don’t want an overnight stay?

If you are only interested in the accompanying programme or the day-type offer, you have several search options on our website. You can search by tab:

  • Accommodations – We have checked more than 60 accommodations and evaluated accessibility for you,
  • Experiences – search by your interests
  • Cuisine – search by your taste.

Is it possible to view the accessories before purchase?

At the headquarters of the Brez ovir Institute, you can see the accessories. It is also possible to arrange an appointment to try out a accessory before you buy it.

Can I borrow a Job water chair for when I go on a holiday to the seaside?

Yes, we also rent out the Job chair.

Can the accessory be delivered?

Delivery of the accessory is charged by mileage.

What materials are the tactile signs made of?

Tactile signs can be made of concrete, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel or other acrylic materials.

For what purpose are tactile signs used?

Tactile signs are used to guide blind and visually impaired people. This enables them to be independent.

Where do we use tactile signs?

Tactile signs are used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Why must there be a high colour contrast between the background and the markings?

The high colour contrast makes it easier for the visually impaired to orient themselves in space, thus allowing them to be more independent.

What are warning and guide signs?

Warning signs warn of danger and change of direction. Guide signs indicate the direction of walking for blind people.

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