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Grajska pristava Ormož

Fully adapted manor house

The castle’s manor house connects several buildings erected in various time periods, from the 18th century onwards. Based on preserved historical sources, we know that farm facilities used to reach the castle, but some parts of them were later demolished. The most beautiful areas in the manor house are decorated by Tuscan stone columns and six pilasters in the museum, as well as the barrel vault hall on the music school’s ground floor.

Enjoy both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions set up by the Regional Museum Ptuj Ormož. Take a guided tour and enjoy various activities for visitors of all ages. Finally, visit the souvenir shop with many interesting items and gifts.

Accessible parking There is a large parking lot in front of the entrance. You can park anywhere, as disabled parking spots are not specially marked.
Accessible entrance Entrance and ticket office are fully accessible.
Accessible sanitary facilities The disabled toilet is located on the ground floor behind the ticket office.
Additional accessible offer Permanent and temporary exhibitions, castle park with tree-lined alley, Ormož Castle, souvenir shop.


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