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World’s Largest Exhibition About Karst and Postojna Cave

A rich interactive exhibition is held next to the Postojna Cave. Named Expo Cave Karst, it will guide you through extraordinary events and a series of coincidences that nature produced to create that underground miracle. As the world’s largest exhibition about karst and Postojna Cave, the exhibition uses modern methods to present the formation of underground karst phenomena and reveal the cave’s history. As the recipient of the prestigious Sejalec award, Expo Cave Karst is intended for everyone interested in a detailed overview of the karst world that forms and surrounds the Postojna Cave, as well as wide historical and social backgrounds that eventually led to the Postojna cave to become the world’s most popular tourist cave.

Special attention is devoted to the youngest. They are interactively guided through the exhibition by the hosts: the proteus (human fish) and small-necked beetle. They can also operate a real small cave train. As part of the Expo exhibition, you can also visit two additional exhibitions free of charge: Life in Billions of Years and Butterflies of the World.

Accessible parking The road sign will lead you to the parking spot for the disabled. On the parking lot take the left turn where the ramp for the delivery service is located. You can use it to reach the ticket office.
Accessible entrance The facility is located to the right of the ticket office. It is newly built and fully adapted for guests in wheelchairs. There is also an elevator.
Accessible toilet Adapted and accessible toilets for the disabled are located inside the building.
Accessible café or restaurant Fully accessible Jamski dvorec restaurant is found at the cave’s entrance. The Čarobni vrt restaurant in Hotel Jama is accessible via the elevator.
Additional accessible offer The Postojna Cave and vivarium are acessible to those with physical disabilities, but the interior of Predjama castle is not.


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