Dva topola (Two Poplars) – Accessible Beach in Izola - Brez ovir


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Nice accessible swimming complex

It is one of the few swimming facilities on the Slovenian coast adapted for people with limited mobility and with special needs. The beach is located on the Dva Topola Resort and has regulated access to the sea, while pools and adapted environment offer swimming experience especially to those who cannot use regular swimming facilities.

The beach is primarily intended for the resort’s guests and people with disabilities. People with disabilities that require additional assistance and are not the resort’s guests should make prior announcements of their arrival, where you can explain the assistance needed. Although all parts of the swimming facility are accessible, a team of lifeguards and additional staff are available during the season to offer additional assistance when entering or exiting the sea or therapeutic pool.

Accessible parking Access to the swimming facilities is available via a car, with adapted parking spaces lacking. You can park only in front of the Dva topola Resort, which could be a bit tricky as most of the time parking spaces are occupied. The staff suggests parking in the lower part of the parking. However, this means that a very steep road leads to the beach, and a person with mobility impairments must have an escort leave them in front of the beach to park in the lower part.
Accessible entrance The beach is easily accessible and architecturally adapted.
Accessible toilet Access to adapted bathrooms with a changing room is possible with the use of a wristband, which can be obtained with a fee at the Dva topola Resort reception.
Accessible access to water from the beach or pool The beach has adapted access to the sea with a suitable concrete ramp.
A therapeutic swimming pool with heated sea water is also available. For easier transfer to the water, you can use a lift found next to the pool.
Additional accessible offer You can use therapeutical pool and bar, or rent various swimming props and other accessories that help you with swimming.
Accessible paths The coast of Izola is easily accessible and offers long paths in both directions.


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Greenery, birdsong, the smell of salt and view of Izola

The Dva topola Resort is located in the vicinity of the city centre of Izola and is surrounded by a beautiful park. Guests can enjoy the panorama, seasoned with the smell of salt, right from their hotel room. The resort offers 70 accommodation units, 20 of which operate during the summer season. The resort also offers fully adapted rooms, which are spacious and wheelchair-friendly for easy movement. The room has three beds with additional pull-out bed and its own shared bathroom. All bathrooms are spacious and adapted.