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140 different species of colourfulness and variety

Next to the old boat marina (mandrac) in Piran lay Villa Piranesi, which has been hosting Aquarium Piran for more than 40 years. In 2009, Aquarium Piran gained new image and modern equipment. New and larger area hosts 25 pools illuminated with artificial light of various strengths and temperature color, which helps to show marine organisms in more natural colours. For better representation of organisms, the aquarium containers are of various dimensions and volumes.

Aquarium Piran hosts around 140 various species, most of which of course being fish. Among approximately 60 species, you can observe in larger aquaria schools of high sea fish such as sea bass, mullets, sea breams and other species, as well as coastal fish, such as damselfish, salps, brown meagre, two-banded sea bream and many other. Gim gaze of conger, muraena and grouper will follow you from the holes of the rocky ridge. Smaller aquaria host many species of blenny, triplefin, wrasse, combers and otocinclus. With a bit of luck and a keen eye, you’ll be able to notice even the shy creatures of sandflats and mudflats, which hardly reveal more than protruding eyes or fins, such as common sole, stargazer or weever. There are of course seahorses, known for their long snout, that occasionally enchant us with their mating dance, common sharks, stingrays and triggerfish. There are also many species of crabs, from tiny common prawns to mighty lobsters. They share aquaria with many species of mollusks (both shellfish and snails), as well as with octopus and cuttlefish. Many species of sponges, cnidaria, echinoderms, such as starfish, sea cucumbers, urchins and serpent stars add to the colourfulness and dynamics of the aquaria.

Accessible parking The centre of Piran is closed to road traffic. People with reduced mobility are allowed to enter the city with car. With the installed proof you can park anywhere in the blue zone. People with disability pay a smaller fee than general population.
Accessible entrance Entry is enabled with the help of movable ramp. We warn you that the ramp is very steep, so you are required to be accompanied by an escort. Entire Aquarium Piran is fully accessible for users of electric and regular wheelchairs, making your visit there fully unobstructed.
Accessible sanitary facilities Aquarium Piran has custom accessible toilet for the disabled. It is small in size, but fully accessible and adapted.
Additional offer Souvenir shop, occasional photo exhibitions, fish feeding
Accessible walking routs Part of Piran is fully accessible, several streets are very narrow and can change the terrain, which is often climbing.


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Feed the fish from your hands

Aquarium Piran offers the opportunity to learn more about marine organisms and their environment. New and attractive photo exhibits with marine themes that adorn the walls of aquarium are a true feast of the eyes. Your eyes will also be drawn to the archaeological remains of the Church of St. Nicolas, the patron saint of sailors, dating from the 11th century. If you’d like to experience more, join us in feeding the fish.

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