Accessible Croatian beaches - Brez ovir


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Dive into the crystal-clear sea

The lengthy and diverse Croatian coast offers quite a few accessible locations for people with disabilities. It is also the main destination for Slovenian tourists. Here is the list of the most accessible Croatian beaches that allow wheelchair access into warm turquoise sea and experience the seaside vacation to the fullest.

1. Canova Park Beach in Umag

The beach is partly concrete and partly rocky. The path from the parking lot to the beach is paved. Access to the water is possible via a ramp, which is within the prescribed standards. The hand grip is on both sides of the ramp.

2. Brulo Beach in Poreč

The beach is accessible via a ramp. The access to the sea is also possible via a gentle ramp extending deep into the sea. Adapted toilets and showers are also available on the beach, but they are not specially marked.

3. Valkane Beach in Pula

The beach is awarded a blue flag, which makes it extremely clean. The children will especially enjoy the pebbly part of the beach. The rest of the beach is concrete. One part of the beach is intended for people with disabilities. Access to the sea is arranged via a ramp with a lift, making it easier to enter the water. Adapted toilets are in close proximity.

4. Kostanj Beach in Rijeka

The beach boasts the title the oldest adapted beach for people with disabilities in Croatia. It was built in 1985 at the initiative of the then President of the Association of People with Disabilities in Rijeka, Croatia.

The beach consists of two concrete levels, both of which are connected with a ramp built according to all regulations. Apart from the ramp you can also use the lift for access to the water. The toilets are fully adapted to people with disabilities.

5. City Beach in Crikvenica

The concrete beach is accessible via the ramps on all levels. Therefore, people with disabilities can access it without obstacles while the ramp allows normal access to the sea. If you nevertheless run into problems, you can ask the lifeguard for help. The beach also has adapted toilets and accessible shower.

6. Dražica Beach in the Island of Krk

The beach is fully adapted for wheelchair users. Access is provided via a ramp, which is within the permissible slope limits. The water can be accessed via the elevator and toilets on the beach are adapted.

7. Kovačine Autocamp Beach on the Island of Cres

The concrete beach allows you to set up a deckchair. A toilet and a shower are both adapted to people in wheelchair. Access to the water is provided with the use of a lift.

8. The Beach in Straško Camp in Novalja, the Island of Pag

The Straško Camp is fully adapted for people in wheelchair. Accessible toilets and showers are perfect for campers. Access to the water is enabled via the ramp.

9. City Beach in Murter

Access to the beach is possible via a ramp. Apart from the lift, access to the water is possible via a concrete sunbathing platform.

10. Plava plaža (Blue Beach) in Vodice

The beach can be reached by car. Access to the water is possible via a ramp that complies with all regulations. Two toilets fully adapted to people in wheelchair are found in the vicinity. Access to the beach shower is a bit complicated, as the path to it is rocky.

11. Žnjan Beach in Split

The beach is accessible via a ramp with an intermediate platform. A lift is also available. There are 10 adapted parking spaces in front of the beach. A paved road leads from the parking to the beach. The beach itself is equipped with umbrellas, trolleys for entering the water, adapted toilets, shower and changing room.

12. Bačvice Beach in Split

Access to the sea is possible via a ramp. However, users should be careful as the fence is only on one side.

13. Punta City Beach in Omiš

This is another example of a well-adapted beach. You can park on a marked parking space located only 60 meters from the beach. Access to the sea is excellently designed, with access to the water provided by the lift. An adapted toilet is found within 60 meters, but the shower is unfortunately lacking.

14. Benačica Beach in Bol on Brač Island

It is still the most visited destination. The Benačica beach is accessible via a ramp and there is a lift for easier access to the water.

15. Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik

There are 4 accessible parking spaces on the parking lot. Access to the water is possible via a lift. The staff taking care of sunbeds will come to your aid if necessary.